Important information about the future of PIC.

When we introduced PIC in January 2011, our goal was to create a better way to analyse property. We are proud to have created an app that many of you use and love.

Over the past few years technical limitations of PIC prevented us from fixing issues and implementing new features. With this in mind, we have made a difficult decision.

On February 29th 2016 we will be shutting down our PIC servers and technical support.

Thank you from the PIC Team

We felt we needed to address the limitations of PIC. Our new product, Hausli, is a cloud-based app that enables you to forecast your property over 30 years, manage your rental property and calculate and forecast the tax implications of your portfolio.

We listened to your feedback and implemented many features not previously possible with property forecasting.

As previous PIC users, we welcome you to try Hausli and discover why we’re so excited.

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The Hausli Team

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